all day menu 

due to covid-19 we have a constantly evolving take away only menu
please click on our Facebook or Instagram icons on this page for our current options
we will update this page when we are able to seat guests. thank you for your patience

raisin or sourdough toast
w/ butter/vegemite/peanut butter/jam
gluten-free  +1.5

w/ yoghurt, seasonal fruit and house-made preserve (v)

eggs and toast
w/ sauteed onions, tomato and kale
and buttered toast (v) (gf avail)
chef's suggestion: add longganisa sausage
+ 4.5

delish fish dish
smoked salmon, potato cakes, poached eggs, sauteed kale and lemon,
capers and tomatoes in burnt butter (gf)
chef's suggestion: add avo +4

avo by the sea
smoked salmon, poached eggs, avo, fresh tomato and onion salsa, prawn floss
on rye toast (gf avail)

big brekkie
thick cut bacon, fried eggs, cebu longganisa sausage, roast mushies and tomatoes,
 house-made baked beans and sourdough toast
chef's suggestion: add halloumi +4.5

breakfast bruschetta
roasted field mushies, grilled tomatoes, poached eggs, oregano, buffalo mozzarella
on grain sourdough (v) (gf avail)
chef's suggestion: add chorizo +4.5

caramel french toast
strawberry and raspberry compote, seasonal berries, bacon, roast pistachios
and caramel sauce on brioche

beef ranchero bowl
slow-cooked beef and mushrooms, house-made baked beans, fresh salsa with:
corn, tomato, avo, onion, chilli and coriander, topped with feta and served with
warm flat bread

garden roast
eggplant and zucchini caponata, grilled asparagus and broccolini, roasted pumpkin,
capers and toasted almonds (v) (gf)
chef's suggestion: add feta +3

grilled chook and quinoa salad
w/ halloumi, tomatoes, red onion, kalamata olives, mint and lemon (gf)

beef and mushie burger
house-made beef and mushie patty, pineapple, fried egg, tomato, avo,
oak lettuce and island dressing on a damper roll
chef's suggestion: add tasty cheese +1.5

hollandaise sauce - 1.5
sauteed kale/spinach/grilled tomato/feta/egg - 3
avo/asparagus/roast mushies/baked beans - 4
bacon/chorizo/smoked salmon/longganisa sausage/thick-cut bacon/
roasted veg/potato cakes/halloumi - 4.5
seasonal side salad - 5.5

for quickies like pies and toasties see goods in display and sweet treats on our counter
for serious deals see blackboard specials
-- Mrs P’s is happy to be flexible where we can, so if you have any dietary requirements, please let us know and we’ll do our best!
-- Mrs P’s uses free-range eggs and chicken. Our bacon and ham is free range and preservative free

(v) = vegetarian option
(gf avail) = gluten-free available


espresso/doppio/macchiato/piccolo - 3.8

long black/flat white/latte/cappuccino
- small 4, large 4.5

magic (double ristretto, 6oz flat white) - 4

- small 4.3, large 4.8

affogato - 5.5

iced latte/iced long black – 4.5
(ice, double shot of espresso, and cold milk/H2O)

iced coffee blended with ice cream - 6.5

soy/almond/extra shot/syrup/decaf
add 0.5

small coffee + muffin – 7

small coffee + toast – 8

small coffee + toastie - 11
(ham & cheese/cheese & tomato/ham,cheese & tomato)

small coffee + bacon & egg roll - 11.5

large coffee - add 0.5

not coffee not tea

hot chocolate
- small 4, large 4.5

chai latte
(loose leaf by 5 Senses)
- small 4.3, large 4.8

iced chocolate - 7

milkshake - 6
(banana/caramel/chocolate hazelnut/strawberry/vanilla)

parker’s organic drinks - 4.5

amplify kombucha - 5

san pellegrino sparkling water/
true water flavoured sparkling water - 5.5

(check out the display for drinks flavours)


loose leaf tea by Teacraft - 4.5

Good Morning
(Assam, Ceylon Orange Pekoe, Yunnan red)
chocolaty, mildly fruity and malty breakfast tea

Earl Grey Blue Flower
(Ceylon, bergamot oil, cornflower)
intensely aromatic citrus notes

Silver Jasmine
(Xiaowang green tea infused with jasmine blossoms)
high in antioxidants. sweet and heaven scent

White Peony
(chinese white tea) sweet and refreshing.
floral and peachy notes

(peppermint, spearmint, fennel seed, lavender)
refresh and purify. eases digestion

(lemongrass, ginger, fennel seeds, calendula)
revitalizing citrus notes and warming ginger

Inhale Exhale
(lemon myrtle, star anise, fennel seeds, nettle leaf, peppermint, thyme, liquorice root)
invigorating and soothing with antiseptic and antiviral properties